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Why hiring people with disabilities is better for business

FAST Company VIDEO: The Americans with Disabilities Act passed in 1990, but people with disabilities still often face barriers of entry to meaningful employment due to discrimination. Rebecca Cokley, the first U.S. Disability Rights Program Officer for the Ford Foundation, and Dr. Victor Pineda, founder of World Enabled, spoke with Chris Denson about what challenges and discriminatory practices people with disabilities still face.

Q&A: Autism Employment Post-Pandemic

There’s no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the world of work. As businesses cope with talent shortages and implement diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives, people with autism are -seeing more employment opportunities than ever before.

Video by Spectrum News 1

California bill to end subminimum wage for workers with disabilities passes Senate

BY DANIELA PARDO LOS ANGELES -- In 2022, California is set to raise its minimum wage to $15 an hour. As of now, not all workers in the state will qualify for the raise. Since 1938, employers in California have been able to apply for a certificate that has allowed them to pay employees with disabilities less than the federal minimum wage.

DRRP Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

Customized Employment Topics: Interviewing - Conducting interviews is usually a part of providing employment services to individuals with disabilities. Typically, there is an intake interview during which people seeking services are asked about their goals for employment and other relevant information. However, interviewing should not be used to “evaluate” the job seeker with disabilities, which is a very important distinction when using interviewing as part of customized employment services. Interviewing in the context of customized employment is a way to learn about a person’s life story and experiences. What meaning do these experiences have for the person and how may they impact employment?