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October 2019

Disability and Rehabilitation Research Project on Customized Employment

UpComing Webcast

Laptop with Webcast on the screen Title: Customized Employment: Case Study Examples from the VCU-DRRP Research

Presenters: Jennifer McDonough, M.S., Project Director; Michaela Lemieux, M.S., Employment Specialist; and Tomoya Lamberson, B.S., Employment Specialist

Date: 10/30/2019 (2:00pm ET)

Customizing jobs happens everyday in businesses across the country. When skills and interests of job seekers with disabilities are matched with work tasks that meet a business need, it is a win-win for all involved. This webcast will highlight customized employment case studies through the perspective of an employee with a disability, their manager and employment specialist. Hear how an individual's interests and skills were identified, a business was approached and tasks identified and finally how the new employee was supported at work. Register Online


Picture of Randy Disability Rehabilitation Research Project on Customized Employment Customized Employment Case Study

Randy received a high school diploma in 2018 and shortly afterwards began receiving customized employment services. During his final year in high school, he tutored several young children at an agency that offers tutoring services in reading, math, and science to students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Randy provided tutoring sessions for approximately six hours a week and helped with various tasks in the agency’s thrift store. The thrift store job duties included handling the cash register, organizing products, and cleaning around the store. In addition to tutoring, Randy also had experience at a community organization helping youth with Autism in recreational activities. He had volunteered for several summers as a summer camp counselor. Read Randy's Story

Customized Employment Factsheet


Customized Employment Topics: Interviewing

Conducting interviews is usually a part of providing employment services to individuals with disabilities. Typically, there is an intake interview during which people seeking services are asked about their goals for employment and other relevant information. However, interviewing should not be used to “evaluate” the job seeker with disabilities, which is a very important distinction when using interviewing as part of customized employment services. Interviewing in the context of customized employment is a way to learn about a person’s life story and experiences. Read the factsheet on Interviewing

Picture of Terry

Terry's Case Study

DRRP on Customized Employment Customized Employment Case Study

Social Capital has multiple definitions; however, social connectedness is the fundamental premise. Social Capital refers to relationships, social networks and how people help one another. Relationships are important to a person’s well-being and may generate Social Capital. Social Capital may be important for anyone’s career path. Many job seekers with and without disabilities obtain employment because of who they know or who their network of friends know. This case study highlights how one young woman found her customized job using Social Capital. Read Terry's Story

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