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February 2019

Disability and Rehabilitation Research Project on Customized Employment


Disability and Rehabilitation Research Project on Customized Employment Case Study

Betsy in her workplace Discovery is the foundation of customized employment (CE). Discovery activities focus on learning about each job seeker’s strengths rather than what a person cannot do. Activities take place in familiar settings where the person is comfortable as well as unfamiliar ones to discover the individual’s interests, skills, and work preferences. Informational interviews can be a useful tool during the discovery process. This case study describes how informational interviews were used during discovery for “Betsy”. Read more about Betsy

Overview of Customized Employment

Online Course: March 4 - 29, 2019

Laptop with Online Courses on the screen Customized employment is a process for individualizing the employment relationship between a job seeker and an employer in ways that meet the needs of both. It is based on a match between the unique strengths, needs, and interests of the job candidate with a disability, and the identified business needs of the employer or the self-employment business chosen by the candidate. Customized employment uses a flexible blend of strategies, services, supports, and funds to facilitate employment outcomes for job seekers with complex needs through negotiated employment relationships. Register for this Course

Upcoming Webcast

Instructional Strategies for Acquisition and Maintenance of Customized Job Tasks

Laptop with Webcast on screen Date: 4/17/2019 (2:00pm ET)
Presenters: Tim Riesen, Ph.D. , Utah State University
Employment specialists should understand and be proficient at developing specific workplace supports to ensure a customized employee completes negotiated job tasks. This webcast will provide a review of validated instructional strategies that can be used to develop the workplace supports necessary for job task completion. Specifically, the webcast will review how to develop a task analysis and use validated instructional strategies that promote the acquisition and maintenance of negotiated job tasks. Register for this webcast

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