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August 2017

Disability and Rehabilitation Research Project on Customized Employment

UpComing Webcasts

Doug Crandell Meaningful Writing: Capturing Strengths and Ideal Conditions of Employment

Presenter: Doug Crandell

Date: 8/24/2017, 2:00pm Eastern

There is an ever-expanding demand from the vocational rehabilitation system to communicate, through written reports, the strengths, capacities, abilities and preferences of the people we serve. Sounds simple. But the reality is, writing can be a bit of a challenge for most people. Even more so, how can we capture and document the focus person using a narrative approach? What if you were able to write a vocational profile that actually told the story about the person you are supporting, in a way that you and others could visualize that person working? This webcast provides basic ideas to improve writing skills, decrease stereotypes, and use words to create pictures, with the goal that the reader will gain a better understanding of the job seeker. Register Online (Registration is free.)
Katherine Inge

September 21 Webcast

Quality Elements of Customized Employment
By Katherine Inge

Implementing customized employment may mean that the way services have been provided to job seekers needs to be changed or modified. This webcast will explore the quality elements of customized employment and how to facilitate customized jobs for individuals with significant disabilities.

Register Online (Registration is free.)

Nancy Brooks-Lane

Archived Webcast

Becoming a First Class Noticer and Creatively Documenting Your Findings: Going beyond Seeing to Observing
By Nancy Brooks-Lane

Conan Doyle, through his character Sherlock Holmes has much to teach us about Discovery. Using all of our senses is a powerful way to learn about a job seeker, but we are often much less tuned in to the numerous moments for learning. Discovery requires constant observing, being in the moment, mindfulness. This webcast will focus on learning to become a first rate noticer enabling us to observe not just see. View the archive

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