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Griffin-Hammis Associates is a virtual company with staff and special-projects consultants located in over a dozen states. GHA is a leader in customized employment, self-employment, and microenterprise options for individuals with disabilities. Virginia Commonwealth University and Griffin-Hammis have a long history of collaboration including other grant funded projects such as T-TAP (Training and Technical Assistance to Providers) and START-UP/USA, a national training and technical assistance center on self-employment. Griffin-Hammis' most recent projects include statewide training, technical assistance, and systems change for customized and self-employment development with numerous states and local agencies. GHA associates also serve as Subject Matter experts for the national Employment First initiative headed by the Office of Disability & Employment Policy (ODEP).

GHA maintains critical partnerships with community rehabilitation agencies, major universities, family groups, advocates, state and federal agencies, rehabilitation training entities, and employs a host of content experts, including peer-mentors with disabilities assisting other aspiring business owners. GHA currently operates approximately 2-dozen projects and programs in the U.S. and Canada. They have written numerous book chapters, training resources, and books including: Making Self-Employment Work for People with Disabilities (Brookes, 2003) and The Job Developers Handbook: Practical strategies for Customized Employment (Brookes, 2007).

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Customized Employment (CE) represents a nuanced departure from traditional competitive and comparative approaches to developing work. True CE is hard to come by actually. This collection of examples is offered to point out the sometimes less obvious nuanced methods vital to customization. Please use this publication for staff in-service training, for family education, to bolster employment seekers' outlook, and to augment examples of successful companies that modified their hiring approaches to accommodate new workers.

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Beth Keeton

Beth Keeton, M.S.

Executive Director, Griffin-Hammis Associates

For the last 20 years, Beth has provided extensive training and technical assistance to individuals and agencies on systems change, customized employment, self-employment, systematic instruction, and benefits analysis. Her work includes the development and implementation of statewide self-employment provider certification programs in Texas and Florida as well as the development of online benefits training programs promoting financial self-sufficiency through employment and work incentive utilization. Beth served as a national Subject Matter Expert for the WIOA-mandated Congressional Advisory Committee for Increasing Competitive Integrated Employment for Individuals with Disabilities, and she works with states throughout the country to develop systems and supports that enhance competitive integrated employment opportunities for all citizens with disabilities. Beth co-wrote Navigating Government Benefits & Employment: A Guidebook for Veterans with Disabilities, and is a co-author of the recently revised Making Self-Employment Work for People with Disabilities. She earned her Master's Degree from the University of Oregon in 1996 and became a Certified Benefits Planner through Cornell University in 2007.

Nancy Brooks-Lane

Nancy Brooks-Lane, M.S., L.M.F.T., L.P.C.

Senior Consultant, Griffin-Hammis Associates

Nancy Brooks-Lane's diverse skills include: training, technical assistance and side by side mentoring in best practices; organizational and system change strategic planning; and aligning policy, funding, and change. She has assisted persons with significant disabilities obtain customized employment or start their own business and has mentored, trained and provided technical assistance to self-advocates, families, providers, citizen advocates, funders and social and political leaders in the processes of best practices and system change. She has co-authored chapters in the books Real Work for Real Pay: Inclusive Employment for Individuals with Disabilities and The Job Developers Handbook: Practical Tactics for Customized Employment, and serves on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation.