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TransCen, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving education and employment success of youth and young adults with disabilities. Their work is driven by the belief that employment and active community participation are attainable for all individuals, regardless of disability or other perceived barriers to employment.

TransCen's mission is to improve the lives of people with disabilities through meaningful work and community inclusion. TransCen's vision is to redefine transition from school to work and disability employment through strong business and community partnerships, tailored training, and field-based research. Their work is driven by the belief that there is a job for everyone who wants one, regardless of the nature of their disability, or other barriers to employment, their need for workplace support and accommodation, or economic circumstance.

TransCen is an organization that links resources and leadership with results; revises practices to better serve those around us; translates knowledge from research into everyday practice; contributes to policy development and practice in America and abroad; and works at the grassroots level and applies what they learn to national and global audiences.

TransCen provides job development and placement services to youth and adults with disabilities; develops and provides Training and Technical Assistance services to professionals, state agencies, employment programs, and employers throughout the country; conducts cutting-edge research in the identification and implementation of evidenced-based practices in school to work transition initiatives, and they design, develop, and evaluate new service models that lead to improved employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities.